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Suppliers to Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Water well Drilling, Oil & Gas, Geo-Thermal, Construction and Mining sectors

Our Rock Drilling Products:

PDC Bit on grey background

PDC Bits

PDC Reamer

PDC Reamers

Directional Hammer Bits


DTH Bits

Tricone Hole Opener

Tricone Hole Openers



Cable Tool Bits

Cable Tool Bits

Drag Bits

Drag Bits

DTH Hole Opener

DTH Hole Openers

Infinity Tool MFG Drilling Products – What We Do

Infinity Tool Mfg manufacture an industry-leading line of down
the hole bits, horizontal directional drilling consumables and
drilling accessories.

With our facility utilizing state-of-the art machinery, along with a combined
experience of over 100 years in the drilling industry, Infinity takes that extra step
in providing a top quality product.

Our product line includes PDC Bits & Reamers, DTH Bits & Hole Openers and

Our Best Selling Drill Bits and Accessories

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PDC technology has several advantages, here are a few:

* Rapid penetration rates for faster project completion
* Less stress on the drill rig
* Increased reliability
* Clean holes

Learn more on our website: https://www.infinitytoolmfg.com/pdc-benefits/

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Lots of resources added to our website recently including:
- PDC Operational Guidelines
- PDC Blade Count Guidelines
- Directional Rig Rock Tool Brochure
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