PDC Bits 4″ Range


Infinity manufacture PDC Drill Bits suitable for a range of drilling applications including Horizontal Directional Drilling, Water well Drilling,  Oil & Gas, Geo-Thermal, Construction as well as Mining.

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Standard PDC Bits – Standard PDC bits are good if you encounter a variety of ground conditions, from shale through to limestone. We manufacture all our PDC bits from a one-piece high grade alloy steel body for strength and durability.

Jetted PDC Bits – With interchangeable jets we control the volume of drilling fluid used to clean bit teeth to ensure maximum drilling efficiency.

Big Flush PDC Bits – Big Flush PDC Bits provide a high volume of drilling fluid at low pressures to give high performance in softer drilling conditions. Designed specifically for soft sand and shale Big Flush is ideally suited for Geo-Thermal and Waterwell drilling.

Steering PDC Bits – Infinity’s PDC Steering Bits are designed to stay on the centre line of the drill string. Designed with a concave head and a short skirts, the PDC bit steers with reduced side pressure and a smoother cutting action, protecting the diamonds from chipping & breaking.

Reverse Circulation PDC Bits – Reverse circulation PDC bits are designed to allow the cuttings to pass into the drill string and are suitable for soft to medium formations.

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4", 4 1/8", 4 1/4", 4 1/2", 4 3/4", 4 7/8"


3 Blades, 4 Blades, 5 Blades


Standard Design, Big Flush Design, Jetted Design


2-3/8" API REG, 2-7/8" API REG, 3-1/2" API REG

Back Out Cutters

Back Out Cutters

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All Variations

SizeBladesDesignConnectionBack Out CuttersPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
4"5 BladesStandard Design2-3/8" API REG$1,715.007 in stock
4"5 BladesStandard Design2-3/8" API REGBack Out Cutters$2,250.005 in stock
4 1/4"5 BladesStandard Design2-3/8" API REG$1,860.005 in stock
4 1/2"5 BladesStandard Design2-3/8" API REG$1,860.001 in stock
4 3/4"5 BladesStandard Design2-7/8" API REG$2,290.002 in stock
4 7/8"3 BladesStandard Design2-7/8" API REG$2,430.001 in stock
4"5 BladesBig Flush Design2-3/8" API REG$1,715.002 in stock
4 1/8"4 BladesBig Flush Design2-3/8" API REG$1,430.001 in stock
4 1/4"3 BladesBig Flush Design2-3/8" API REG$1,575.003 in stock
4 1/4"5 BladesBig Flush Design2-3/8" API REG$1,860.001 in stock
4 1/2"5 BladesBig Flush Design2-3/8" API REG$1,860.005 in stock
4 3/4"5 BladesBig Flush Design2-7/8" API REG$2,285.007 in stock
4 7/8"5 BladesBig Flush Design2-7/8" API REG$2,715.007 in stock
4 3/4"3 BladesJetted Design2-7/8" API REG$2,000.003 in stock
4 3/4"5 BladesJetted Design2-7/8" API REG$2,290.001 in stock