Infinity has been manufacturing PDC Drill bits for over ten years, allowing us to develop bits suitable for a range of drilling applications.

We custom make PDC Drill bits that are suited to drilling for Oil & Gas, Geo-Thermal & Waterwell, Construction, Horizontal Directional Drilling as well as Mining.

With bit diameters ranging from 3 3/4” up to 18”, as well as a variety of cutters and optional back-out cutters & jets, we really can produce a PDC to meet your needs.

We manufacture to the highest standards a in our state-of-the art American facility in Benton, Illinois.

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Cost savings of utilizing Infinity Tools MFG.

Our customer’s expectation was to drill down to kick off point in 8-1⁄2 days. This was the standard for the area utilizing the major PDC manufacturer’s products. We designed and manufactured a PDC bit to our customer’s specifications in order to increase ROP and reduce drilling cost. With our innovative forward thinking process we were able to drill down to kick off in 5 days, 12-1/4” with an avg ROP of 153’/hr and the 8-3/4” having an average ROP of 87’/hr. We exceeded the customer’s expectations by 42% on time savings.

The bottom line? Infinity’s PDC Bits 12-1⁄4, 8-3⁄4” saved our customer $189,000 in drilling costs.

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